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randsmith replied to your photo: On this day: After months of warning from Abyss,…

Some TNA fan doesn’t know how to spell they’re

Having that sign be part of the lasting image from that PPV wasn’t TNA’s smartest move.

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For the most part, the look the same. Minus the hair

Pretty much.

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randsmith replied to your photo: WWE.com doing it wrong

Hahaha that’s too funny. I just don’t see why they can’t take a picture of their champion after they win the belt, and save it on a file everybody can access.

I would have figured Miz had his pics taken with the Title since he has it in the match graphics.

Oh and you asked last weeek what “LOL” on Layla’s top meant. She said it stood for “Lots of Layla”.

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daveunfiltered replied to your photo

The title seemed to be really, really gold during HBK’s reign.

Things always seem better when they’re with HBK.

 randsmith replied to your postStarting a fun project later today. It will be a…

The Miz’s US Title reign! I’d include it. He defended it pretty regularly.

That is the one and I’m glad I have support for including it.

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