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‘Brother brother brother!’ That sketch makes me laugh like an idiot every time!

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It was worth it just for the Larry King segment. “I’LL BE 100 YEARS OLD BROTHER”

I had it on for a minute and it’s hard to turn away from. Memorable segment for sure.

"When are we gonna’ see you again here in Battle Creek?"

"AGAIN in Battle Creek? Oh brother, that would imply that I ever would have gone to Battle Creek, brother! The Hulkster only makes the big towns, brother!"

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Queen of the jungle?

If I read comic books I would have appreciated this reference quite a bit before having to look it up.

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… Virgins, right?’

The odds are great.

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Uh-oh, not again?

It’s better than a roleplay blog since usually the only thing to avoid with the sexually-oriented blogs are the icons, and those are a lot easier to get past than the comments some RP’ers make. Still though, always a bit eye-opening when a blog like “hotpicsmakemehard” reblogs a photo. Oddest thing about it was it’s the second time in a couple weeks one of those kind of blogs went into my first month of posts and reblogged stuff.

Seems Batista and Rick Rude are especially popular among those types of blogs.

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On the other hand, there was a guy at the Melbourne show last year who had a ‘THE CHAMP IS HERE’ sign that was laminated and had a battery pack powering a set of LEDs flashing all over the sign. It was effin’ brilliant!

Maybe it was the same guy who made Jericho’s jacket.

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pantheraj replied to your photo: I agree, John Cana was the bets.

John Cena fans, everybody! I have a photo somewhere of one holding his sign upside down.

I remember once many years ago I was making signs for upcoming shows and I got down to I think my last one and I wrote “Jhon Cena” and was happy with it. Not until my Mom pointed it out did I realize I spelled the name incorrectly (not the first time) and because I’m weird, even though I had another side to write on, I was self-conscious about people behind me seeing “Jhnon Cena” all scribbled out.

If Cena ever wrestles under a mask again, he should call himself “Jhon Cana”.

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pantheraj replied to your photo: The APA - requested by pantheraj

PS if any of those RP blogs show up on this post, please allow me to smack ‘em out … ?

You have my permission.

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Nah, check out her blog - she hates Steph with a passion.

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I thought that was an obsessed AJ fan?

Maybe she’s also a big fan of AJ’s. That would make her anger about the comparison I made in jest a lot less confusing since it seems she took offense to the notion that one female GM wearing an outfit similar to an outfit another female GM wore a decade ago means she’s copying her.

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pantheraj replied to your post: #SHE DID NOT TAKE STEPHANIE CLOTHES DO YOU NOT…

Wow! Someone ought to be at the Olympics in the Over-reacting and Defensive event …

I don’t even fully understand what she’s mad about. I enjoy both AJ and Stephanie, so it wasn’t meant as a slam on either of them or anything like that. Is she mad because wrestling fans noticed and dared to publicly acknowledge that the wrestling General Manager AJ wore a similar attire to that of the former wrestling General Manager Stephanie McMahon?

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… What? (And well, no you shouldn’t, the zombie attack is pregnancy.)

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Why yes of course, because the Deadman would so totally communicate via a Mac rather than HUGE BLAZING LETTERS OF FIRRRRE.

I just don’t get how anyone could watch Teddy Long or Big Johnny run a show, watch Undertaker matches/promos and think “Man, ‘Taker was made for the GM role!”.

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fullmetalstarterjacket replied to your photo: Someone actually took the time to make this.

Dude it was so obviously you that made this

I wish that I was that skilled.

pantheraj replied to your photoSomeone actually took the time to make this.

He looks like the choppers woke him from his nap.

Maybe someone woke him up and told him to GET TO THE CHOPPER.

Sorry I had to.

pantheraj replied to your post: Randy Orton Suspended for 60 Days

… Jericho AND Orton gone (for different things, of course). There’ll be a lot of coffee in Creative over the next few days!

They picked a bad time to start pushing the “Franchise Player of SmackDown” nickname on Orton.

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