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On this day: Dixie Carter’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when an uncontracted AJ Styles overcomes her interference, the Aces & Eights and Bully Ray at Bound For Glory to win his second TNA World Heavyweight Championship. (10/20/13)

On this day: Despite being abandoned by a frustrated Edge after both lost a fan poll for a World Title match at Taboo Tuesday, Chris Benoit takes out both members of La Résistance on his own to win he and Edge’s first World Tag Team Championship (10/19/04)

On this day: With several assists from partner in crime Mae Young, 76-year-old Fabulous Moolah rolls up Ivory at No Mercy to win the same Title she held for 28 years, the WWF Women’s Championship. (10/17/99)

On this day: With a surprise assist from the New Age Outlaws’ rivals Crash and Hardcore Holly, and much to The Rock’s dismay, Mankind pins an unconscious Billy Gunn on the one-night reunion of The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection to win their third WWF Tag Team Championship. (10/14/99)

On this day: Bret Hart steamrolls through multiple-time World Champion Ric Flair in Hart’s home country of Canada before finishing off the Nature Boy with a Sharpshooter to win his first WWF Championship. (10/12/92)

On this day: Immediately after X-Pac scores an upset over Mankind to advance in the IC Title tournament, Ken Shamrock proves too much and forces X-Pac to submit to the Ankle Lock, claiming his third victim of the night and his first Intercontinental Championship. (10/12/98)

On this day: A week after becoming #1 contender by virtue of winning a Cruiserweight Battle Royal on Velocity, Juventud scores the Mexicools their first taste of gold in WWE by defeating Nunzio with the Juvi Driver to become Cruiserweight Champion for the first time since November 1998. (10/9/05)

On this day: Steve Austin ensures he’ll get a chance at revenge on Owen Hart for breaking his neck at SummerSlam and costing him the IC Title by blasting Faarooq with the belt, allowing Owen to score the fall and win the vacant Intercontinental Championship. (10/5/97)

This Day in WCW History: Hours after the controversial Lenny Lane is stripped of the Cruiserweight Title by order of Turner Broadcasting, Disco Inferno avoids a top rope leg drop from new Champion Psychosis and nails the Chart Buster to earn his first Cruiserweight Championship on the October 4, 1999 edition of Monday Nitro.

On this day: Without a referee and General Manager in CM Punk’s pocket as was the case a month prior at Breaking Point, Undertaker traps the Straightedge Superstar inside Hell in a Cell and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver to win his third World Heavyweight Championship. (10/4/09)

On this day: Four years into his FMW career, Masato Tanaka finally claims his first singles Title by defeating The Gladiator with a vicious Roaring Elbow to win the FMW World Brass Knuckles & Independent Heavyweight Championships. (9/28/97)

On this day: In a tag team Steel Cage match, Lita neutralizes Christian at ringside with a Litacanrana off a ladder before Edge suffers a con-chair-to off the top of the steel structure from both Hardy Boyz, allowing Matt and Jeff to escape the Cage to win their second WWF Tag Team Championship. (9/24/00)

On this day: Despite Tajiri’s girlfriend Torrie Wilson getting involved by trying to stop Rhyno’s offensive attack on Tajiri, Rhyno connects with a Gore to the Japanese Buzzsaw to score a victory for The Alliance and earn his first United States Championship. (9/23/01)

On this day: Infighting between The Smokin’ Gunns comes to a head when Bart Gunn is pushed into his brother Billy on the apron by the British Bulldog, leading to Billy shoving back and allowing Bulldog to land the running powerslam to win he and Owen Hart’s first WWF Tag Team Title. (9/22/96)

On this day: Despite being a man down after Spike Dudley crashed through a table on RAW at the hands of La Résistance, Bubba Ray & D-Von are able to put Sylvain Grenier, Rob Conway and lastly René Duprée through tables to win their record-breaking eighth World Tag Team Championship. (9/21/03)