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On this day: The New Blood’s plan comes to fruition when Kimberly Page turns on her husband Diamond Dallas Page, striking him with Jeff Jarrett’s guitar before Jarrett hits The Stroke on DDP to win his first WCW World Title and give the New Blood every major Championship in WCW. (4/16/00)

On this day: Antonio Cesaro’s eight month reign as Champion of the United States of Antonio comes to an end after a second Trouble in Paradise kick by Kofi Kingston, earning Kofi his third United States Championship. (4/15/13)

On this day: The reign of the Glamazon comes to an end in the United Kingdom at the hands of Mickie James, who reverses a Glam Slam attempt into a pin to score the three and win her fourth WWE Women’s Championship. (4/14/08)

On this day: Immediately after surviving a three-way dance against The Sandman and Stevie Richards to earn an ECW Title match with Raven, Terry Funk catches the Champion with a small package following interference from Raven’s Nest and Tommy Dreamer to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. (4/13/97)

On this day: With Samoa Joe’s career and Kurt Angle’s World Title on the line, Joe and Angle use a combination of MMA and pro wrestling inside the six sides of steel, ending with Samoa Joe hitting the Musclebuster on Angle to save his career and win his first TNA World Heavyweight Championship. (4/13/08)

On this day: Less than three years following her Diva Search victory, Eve Torres adds another accomplishment to her list by defeating Maryse to win the Divas Championship and become the first Diva Search winner to hold the butterfly belt. (4/12/10)

On this day: Randy Savage makes a huge impact upon his return to WCW as the special referee in a Four Corners match, breaking Sting’s rope break before landing a Flying Elbow on Ric Flair, setting up DDP to hit the Diamond Cutter on Flair to win his first WCW World Heavyweight Championship. (4/11/99)

Three years ago today, Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres in a single match on Monday Night RAW to win the WWE Divas Championship for the very first time.

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On this day: After 267 days with the beaten briefcase, Dolph Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank and defeats a severely wounded Alberto Del Rio, twisting the injured ankle of Alberto while in the Cross Armbreaker before hitting a Zig Zag to win the World Heavyweight Championship. (4/8/13)

On this day: John Cena makes the final stop on his road to redemption after an excruciating loss to The Rock at WrestleMania 28, surviving countless reversals and three Rock Bottoms to hit three AA’s of his own, defeating The Rock at WrestleMania and winning his 11th WWE Championship. (4/7/13)

On this day: Randy Savage overcomes Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair’s constant attempts at cheating to block a punch by the Nature Boy, land his own and score a roll-up to win his second WWF Title with Miss Elizabeth by his side at WrestleMania VIII. (4/5/92)

On this day: JBL’s pre-match big boot to Rey Mysterio winds up being his only offense of the night, missing a clothesline and catching an eznugiri, 619 and top rope splash in his home state of Texas to lose the Intercontinental Title in 21 seconds before quitting WWE moments later. (4/5/09)

On this day: Moments after Mr. Fuji illegally helps Yokozuna defeat Bret Hart to win his first WWF Title, Hulk Hogan accepts Fuji’s Championship challenge with Hart’s blessing, leading to Hogan ducking the salt and hitting the leg drop to win his then-record 5th WWF Championship. (4/4/93)

On this day: Batista proves too much to handle for his former Evolution mates HHH and Ric Flair despite repeated attempts at cheating, hitting HHH with a thunderous Batista Bomb to win his first World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 21. (4/3/05)

On this day: The Spirit Squad uses the numbers advantage to counter the size of Big Show and Kane, attacking the Big Show 5-on-1 before a top rope leg drop from Kenny to win the male cheerleaders their first World Tag Team Championship. (4/3/06)