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Does anyone have 3?

Closest to Cena are Undertaker and Austin, who won two. Both won the Winged Eagle the first time, then Austin won the Attitude Era belt while ‘Taker went on to get the WHC. HHH walked out with three different ones (four if you count the WWF/WCW Undisputed look), but he only won the Undisputed at WM and came in as Champion the other three times.

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Holy shit he looks JBLish in this pic.

He does, now that you mention it.

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Is that their name?

Seems that’s what they’re going with.

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So I’m watching a TJ Perkins match and I look at the comments and find. “he should get rid of those ugly pants his butt would cuter in trunks” No more TJP on youtube for me.

I can’t blame that person since I’ve probably said something similar but in a much sleazier way about many Divas.

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Doesn’t seem awkward at all, both parties know what they want, it’s just one party is awesome. And by awesome I mean gay. Gaysome.

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Such a good song

Most Definitely. Best part of DND.

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I feel like everyone but me liked Deuce and Domino. I’m okay with being on this island.

I liked them. Not going to say they were one of my favorites, but I thought the gimmick was fun and they were better than average in the ring, so for the 2007 SmackDown tag team scene, they were fine by me.

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DUDE. YES. Why did these guys have to fade away. They were so fucking awesome and cherry had that ass.

Because Deuce was destined to be a camera man unable to catch oncoming wrestlers and Domino needed to go into relative seclusion before facing the Great Power Uti.

As for Cherry, that she did. I remember people being pissed when she got released because WWE.com was in the midst of posting their Summer Skin bikini shoots, and Cherry’s never came out before she was released. But, we still got some nice pictures of her.