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ariesaustin replied to your post: I might make an entire rant about how I miss TLC…

Probably translates to, “I might make a rant about how there’s not people hitting each other in the face with chairs exploding in blood and people jumping off tall shit into tables. ATTITUDE!!!!111!1!”

Well she (think it was a she) also mentioned how she missed thumbtacks, so you’re probably not far off on that one.

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ariesaustin replied to your post: I can’t be the only one underwhelmed by how hard they’re trying to hide how over D-Bry is.

The No and Yes thing is a cover for it, since he’s supposed to be heel. I just feel like the whole making him crazy and change his catchphrase is a little much just make the crowd chant look out of his favour.

I wouldn’t be against turning him, but the crowd is into him and he’s extremely entertaining, so I’m fine with what he’s doing right now.

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