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As of 15/04/14, the WWE Divas Championship has been won 9 times on Monday Night RAW. ~

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On this day: The reign of the Glamazon comes to an end in the United Kingdom at the hands of Mickie James, who reverses a Glam Slam attempt into a pin to score the three and win her fourth WWE Women’s Championship. (4/14/08)

Paige is the youngest woman to capture the Divas Championship at 21 years old. In contrast, Layla is the oldest Diva to win the Championship at 34 years old.

In terms of the Women’s Championship, the youngest Diva to win the title was Wendi Richter at 22 years old. The oldest Diva to hold this title was Fabulous Moolah at 76 years old. ~

On this day: Less than three years following her Diva Search victory, Eve Torres adds another accomplishment to her list by defeating Maryse to win the Divas Championship and become the first Diva Search winner to hold the butterfly belt. (4/12/10)