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On this day: Brock Lesnar’s saved by the bell while trapped in the Ankle Lock after tapping to one moments prior in the first 60 Minute Iron Man match on television, and after gaining 5 falls to Kurt Angle’s 4 with two F5s, the WWE Title belt, a superplex and Angle’s own Ankle Lock, Brock Lesnar is declared the winner and new WWE Champion. (9/18/03)

On this day: Faced with having to leave RAW if he loses in Edge’s home of Toronto, Ontario, John Cena FU’s Edge off a ladder through a stack of tables before unlatching his third WWE Championship to overcome the Rated R Superstar and his girlfriend Lita in Cena’s first-ever TLC match. (9/17/06)

On this day: After being denied a Title shot by HHH earlier in the night, Steve Austin interrupts The Game’s defense of the WWF Title against hand-chosen opponent Mr. McMahon and takes out both Helmsley and Chyna with Stunners. Stone Cold then lies a bloodied Chairman atop HHH, allowing Shane McMahon to count three and Vince McMahon to win the WWF Championship. (9/16/99)

On this day: Daniel Bryan takes back his prize ripped away at SummerSlam by The Authority when he lands a kick to the head of Randy Orton out of a backslide, connects with the Knee Plus and receives a fast count from referee Scott Armstrong to win his second WWE Championship. (9/15/13)

On this day: John Cena is able to twice escape being handcuffed to the turnbuckle in a vicious I Quit match before handcuffing himself to Randy Orton, which allows Cena to keep The Viper away from the key and lock in a modified STF that forces Orton to quit and nets Cena his fourth WWE Title. (9/13/09)

Orange County Choppers create the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship