Pictures and gifs of Champions from all of Professional Wrestling. Occasionally other things too, but for more of that, click here.

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On this day: After being denied a Title shot by HHH earlier in the night, Steve Austin interrupts The Game’s defense of the WWF Title against hand-chosen opponent Mr. McMahon and takes out both Helmsley and Chyna with Stunners. Stone Cold then lies a bloodied Chairman atop HHH, allowing Shane McMahon to count three and Vince McMahon to win the WWF Championship. (9/16/99)

On this day: Daniel Bryan takes back his prize ripped away at SummerSlam by The Authority when he lands a kick to the head of Randy Orton out of a backslide, connects with the Knee Plus and receives a fast count from referee Scott Armstrong to win his second WWE Championship. (9/15/13)

NXT Takeover: Fatal Four Way - Charlotte proves that Natural Selection catches up with even the grittiest of superstars as she defeats the determined Bayley to retain her NXT Women’s Championship.