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This Day in WCW History: Ricky Steamboat counters a body slam attempt by Paul Orndorff into a pinfall that earns himself the victory and his fourth World Television Championship at Clash of the Champions XXIV.

On this day: The reunion of Harlem Heat kicks off with a bang when Bam Bam Bigelow is thrown into fellow Jersey Triad member DDP on the ring apron, dazing Bigelow before Booker T connects with a Missile Dropkick to win he and Stevie Ray’s eighth WCW World Tag Team Championship. (8/14/99)

On this day: Following an attack by The Dark Carnival in their first Tag Title defense of the night against three other teams, KroniK once again defends the gold but fall victim to the interfering Harris Brothers, who allow Great Muta to hit a Moonsault to win he and Vampiro’s first WCW World Tag Team Championship. (8/13/00)

On this day: The Outsiders interfere before Hulk Hogan suffers a chokeslam from The Giant and receive a pair of their own, but the distraction allows Hogan to use the World Title belt to knock out The Giant and win what the trio rechristens the nWo World Heavyweight Championship. (8/10/96)

Chris Benoit d. DDP in a No DQ match to retain the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship - Road Wild 1999

On this day: Despite nWo members Randy Savage and The Outsiders attempting to take out Lex Luger, all three are eliminated by Luger before he places Hulk Hogan in the Torture Rack to end the 359 day reign and win his second WCW World Heavyweight Championship. (8/4/97)

On this day: Ron Simmons wins a random draw to receive a World Title shot against Vader after Sting goes down due to injury, which Simmons makes the most of by landing a huge snap scoop powerslam on Vader to win his first WCW World Heavyweight Championship. (8/2/92)