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I wanna hear it, I wanna hear it from each and every one of you. I wanna hear it from the kids, the men, the women. I wanna hear it from every single person in this arena. I want you to stand up out of your seat, I want you to get up and do what you should have done a long time ago! I want you to admit that you were wrong! All of you! You all were wrong! Each and every single one of you! I made it!

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Vengeance 2011: With the help of Awesome Truth, Alberto Del Rio outlasts John Cena in a Last Man Standing match to retain the WWE Championship.

2013 in Intercontinental Champions

On this day: Randy Orton survives a sneak attack from Nexus and a Title defense against Wade Barrett with an injured knee, only for The Miz to cash in Money in the Bank immediately after and win his first WWE Championship. (11/22/10)

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