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Pat Patterson d. Ted DiBiase to win the WWF North American Heavyweight Championship - Championship Wrestling 6/19/79

In WrestleMania’s 29 year history, only three Championships have been defended a single time at the Show of Shows. Ted DiBiase retained his Million Dollar Title against Jake Roberts by countout at WrestleMania VI, Taka Michinoku overcame Aguila to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XIV and Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in 11 seconds at WrestleMania XXIV to win the ECW Championship.

With the help of an eager, bright red neoprene tights and white cowboy boots-wearing Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage dropped a big elbow in the chest of the Million Dollar Man and captures the WWF Championship in the finals of a grueling 14-man tournament.

On this dayWrestling Challenge sees its first Title change when Ted DiBiase of Money Inc. renders Earthquake of the Natural Disasters unconscious with the Million Dollar Dream, netting DiBiase & IRS their second WWF Tag Team Championship. (10/13/92)

The Million Dollar Championship returns home - Old School RAW, Nov. 15, 2010

Steve Austin debuts as “The Ringmaster” and is crowned the Million Dollar Champion

On this day: Andre the Giant defeats Hulk Hogan to win his only WWF Championship on The Main Event as a record 33 million viewers watch at home. On the same night that the Winged Eagle belt debuted, Hogan lost it when the crooked referee counted his shoulders to the mat for a three count when it should have only been a count of one. Andre then awarded the WWF Championship to Ted DiBiase, but the move was later ruled invalid and the Title was vacated. (2/5/88)