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On this day: Serving as a substitute for the injured Brutus Beefcake at SummerSlam, The Texas Tornado is able to fight back against Mr. Perfect, lock in The Clawhold and land the Tornado Punch to win his first Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. (8/27/90)

On this day: While Debra argues with Jeff Jarrett, whom sent her to the back prior to the match before returning as D’Lo Brown’s valet, Mark Henry snatches Jarrett’s guitar away and blasts his friend D’Lo with it, revealing the ruse and allowing Jarrett to win Brown’s IC & European Championships. (8/22/99)

On this day: Despite an attempt by Christian to assist his brother that ends in a Spear to Edge and then a Superkick by Lance Storm, Edge is able to counter Storm’s offensive attempts into the Edgecution to win his second Intercontinental Championship. (8/19/01)

It’s not hype if you can prove it’s legit.

After her win at SummerSlam 2014, Paige became the first (and only - as of writing) woman to win the WWE Divas Championship twice in the same year (April 7th/August 17th). ~