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On this day: Despite suffering a torn ligament in his knee and being pushed off the top rope by jealous, fellow nWo member Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage is dragged onto an unconscious Sting following Kevin Nash’s jackknife powerbomb, giving Savage the victory and his third WCW World Title. (4/19/98)

On this day: Sting and Vader’s 1993 World Title rivalry crosses over into Sting’s International World Title match with Rick Rude, ending when Vader’s manager Harley Race accidentally nails Rude with a steel chair meant for Sting, allowing the Stinger to score the pin and win his first WCW International World Heavyweight Championship. (4/17/94)

On this day: The New Blood’s plan comes to fruition when Kimberly Page turns on her husband Diamond Dallas Page, striking him with Jeff Jarrett’s guitar before Jarrett hits The Stroke on DDP to win his first WCW World Title and give the New Blood every major Championship in WCW. (4/16/00)

On this day: Randy Savage makes a huge impact upon his return to WCW as the special referee in a Four Corners match, breaking Sting’s rope break before landing a Flying Elbow on Ric Flair, setting up DDP to hit the Diamond Cutter on Flair to win his first WCW World Heavyweight Championship. (4/11/99)

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