Pictures and gifs of Champions from all of Professional Wrestling. Occasionally other things too, but for more of that, click here.

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On this day: Days after defeating ECW Champion Kane, being drafted to the Land of Extreme and added to the match pitting SmackDown’s Big Show vs. RAW’s Kane, Mark Henry catches The Big Red Machine with a surprise World’s Strongest Splash to win his first ECW Championship. (6/29/08)

On this day: Just one week after being drafted to the Land of Extreme, Johnny Nitro is chosen as a last-minute replacement in the finals of a tournament for the ECW World Title where he pulls off a huge upset by defeating CM Punk to become ECW World Champion. (6/24/07)

Night of Champions 2008: Triple H defeats John Cena in a thriller to retain the WWE Championship, bringing it to Smackdown and leaving Raw without a World Title.

Wade Barrett’s entrance at WWE Night of Champions 2010.