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On this day: Mark Henry’s 15 year journey leads him to Night of Champions where he sniffs out Randy Orton’s injured knee, allowing him to take down The Viper before landing the World’s Strongest Slam to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. (9/18/11)

On this day: While Debra argues with Jeff Jarrett, whom sent her to the back prior to the match before returning as D’Lo Brown’s valet, Mark Henry snatches Jarrett’s guitar away and blasts his friend D’Lo with it, revealing the ruse and allowing Jarrett to win Brown’s IC & European Championships. (8/22/99)

On this day: Days after defeating ECW Champion Kane, being drafted to the Land of Extreme and added to the match pitting SmackDown’s Big Show vs. RAW’s Kane, Mark Henry catches The Big Red Machine with a surprise World’s Strongest Splash to win his first ECW Championship. (6/29/08)

Mark Henry lends a helping hand to @threeaintenough before his match on #WWE #Smackdown!
Mark Henry lends a helping hand to @threeaintenough before his match on #WWE #Smackdown!

On this day: Mark Henry’s trash talking of Big Show leads to Show hitting the World Champion with a KO Punch, opening the door for Daniel Bryan to cash in Money in the Bank and win his first World Heavyweight Championship. However, due to Henry not being medically cleared to compete, SmackDown GM Teddy Long returns the Title to him and the briefcase to Bryan. (11/25/11)

On this day: One month after Mark Henry turns on his best friend by costing him both the European & Intercontinental Championships against Jeff Jarrett, D’Lo Brown hits the Lo Down to regain the Title gifted to Henry by Jarrett. (9/26/99)

"You didn’t believe, did ya?! You didn’t believe that I would be holdin’ the most coveted prize in professional wrestling! Did you?! Oh, and don’t start cheerin’ - don’t start cheerin’ ‘cause none of you believed it either! You’re all doubters! You’re all haters! I like to welcome all of you…to the Hall of Pain! This is my moment, and I’m not sharin’ it with none of ya! Ya don’t deserve this! I’m gonna be the most dominant champion of all time; I’m takin’ on all comers! I ain’t runnin’ from nobody and I’m never…ever losin’ this title!”

- Mark Henry, Night of Champions 2011 (x).