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On this day: Santino Marella avoids a charge by Kofi Kingston only to then be taken out by Mickie James’ Mickie-DT, which allows Beth Phoenix time to recover and land a Glam Slam on James to win her second Women’s Championship and Marella’s second Intercontinental Title. (8/17/08)

On this day: Dolph Ziggler proves how dangerous his sleeper hold is when he locks it on Kofi Kingston following Vickie Guerrero’s interference, wrestling down Kingston and rendering him unconscious to win his first United States Championship. (6/19/11)

On this day: Antonio Cesaro’s eight month reign as Champion of the United States of Antonio comes to an end after a second Trouble in Paradise kick by Kofi Kingston, earning Kofi his third United States Championship. (4/15/13)

On this day: With distractions from WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett has enough time to recover and catch Kofi Kingston mid-Trouble in Paradise, hitting Wasteland to take home his first Intercontinental Championship. (3/25/11)