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On this day: While Debra argues with Jeff Jarrett, whom sent her to the back prior to the match before returning as D’Lo Brown’s valet, Mark Henry snatches Jarrett’s guitar away and blasts his friend D’Lo with it, revealing the ruse and allowing Jarrett to win Brown’s IC & European Championships. (8/22/99)

This Day in WCW History: Steve McMichael gains revenge on former Four Horsemen member Jeff Jarrett, with Mongo’s wife in his corner, when Jarrett’s friend Eddie Guerrero accidentally nails him with his US Title, allowing Mongo to make the pin to earn his first US Heavyweight Championship at Clash of the Champions XXXV.

On this day: Jeff Jarrett’s bizarre WCW Title loss to the fired Hulk Hogan earlier in the night is rendered null & void by Vince Russo, leading to Booker T receiving a Title shot in the main event where he catches Jarrett with a Book End to win his first WCW World Heavyweight Championship. (7/9/00)

On this day: The New Blood’s plan comes to fruition when Kimberly Page turns on her husband Diamond Dallas Page, striking him with Jeff Jarrett’s guitar before Jarrett hits The Stroke on DDP to win his first WCW World Title and give the New Blood every major Championship in WCW. (4/16/00)

On this day: A pre-match helping of salt peter to avoid falling prey to Debra’s puppies isn’t enough for Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man, as a new Blue Blazer darts to the ring and nails Shamrock with Jeff Jarrett’s guitar, allowing Owen Hart to score the pin and win his and Jarrett’s first WWF Tag Team Championship. (1/25/99)

On this day: Jeff Jarrett’s assertions about women lead to the WWF’s first Good Housekeeping Match, which Jarrett wins before the referee rules that the IC Title belt used on Chyna is not a household item. When the match restarts, Chyna nails Jarrett with his guitar to win and become the first woman to hold the Intercontinental Championship. (10/17/99)

Jeff Jarrett’s entrance at Bound For Glory 2006.

Mr. Jeff Jarrett has asked me to inform all of you that what you are about to witness is an exhibition. The moves demonstrated before you tonight will be performed by professionals.