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On this day: Fans vote for an IC Title match to take place on the 1,000th episode of RAW between Christian and a mystery opponent, which turns out to be The Miz, whom takes advantage of Captain Charisma’s ankle injury to hit the Skull Crushing Finale to win his first Intercontinental Championship. (7/23/12)

On this day: Exactly one year to the day that Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy at inVasion to win the WWE Hardcore Title, RVD once again defeats Hardy, this time on RAW in a Ladder match to unify Van Dam’s Intercontinental & Hardy’s European Championships. (7/22/02)

“Saying my goodbyes. I’ll see you again, my friend.” [x] 

Saying my goodbyes. I’ll see you again, my friend.” [x

On this day: Randy Orton’s 210 day reign as Intercontinental Champion, the longest reign in seven years for the Title, comes to an end when Orton is whipped into the turnbuckle he exposed and gets blasted with a Spear by Edge to give him his fifth Intercontinental Championship. (7/11/04)

On this day: The near year-long feud between Tito Santana and Greg Valentine reaches its climax in a Steel Cage match where Santana escapes the structure to win his second Intercontinental Championship. (7/6/85)