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On this day: The Undertaker finally offers a tag to his SummerSlam opponent & WWF Champion Steve Austin against Undertaker’s half-brother Kane and Mankind, which leads to both receiving Chokeslams before a Tombstone Piledriver to Kane wins the dysfunctional duo the WWF Tag Team Title. (7/26/98)

On this day: DX’s war with the Nation of Domination spills into the New Age Outlaws’ Title defense against Kane & Mankind, which ends with Nation member D’Lo Brown landing a Frog Spalsh onto Road Dogg that allows Kane to nail the Tombstone Piledriver, winning he & Mankind their first WWF Tag Team Title. (7/13/98)

Taka Michinoku d. Christopher Daniels to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship - Shotgun Saturday Night 9/19/98

On this day: One night after being screwed out of his CEO position by the McMahons, Stone Cold reveals that he awarded himself a future WWF Title shot, which he uses in the main event where he defeats The Undertaker to win his fourth WWF Championship. (6/28/99)

On this day: Ivory’s feud with Debra since entering the WWF culminates in a match where Nicole Bass cuts off Debra’s scarf chokehold and grabs her by the neck, allowing Ivory to score the roll-up and win the WWF Women’s Championship. (6/8/99)