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benoitvsgangrel replied to your post: Random Trivia

Edge, Big Show, and Flair?

 therealjamesallein replied to your postRandom Trivia

big show, edge and flair?

 daveunfiltered replied to your postRandom Trivia

Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Edge.
Flair never held the WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship (established 2002) or the WWE Tag Team Championship (also established in 2002).
Jericho would have been an answer, but he never held the US Title.

 thekidofspooky replied to your postBig Show, Edge & Kurt Angle Correct!

Wait, what? I thought you mean’t current wrestlers. Oh well, it’s just trivia.

Someone also just sent me an Ask about Edge not being current. I never said they were current, just that three guys have held all of the active Titles.

  1. mazeyathekid said: I saw the word current and made an assumption, oh well. lol
  2. idontlikesupersmashbros said: OH! I thought you meant in a general sense; because I was thinking WCW World Heavyweight Championship
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