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Looked this up for whatever reason last night and wanted to know if anyone could guess it.

Three wrestlers have held every Championship that is currently active for males in WWE (World Heavyweight, WWE, United States, Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team). That includes US Title reigns from when it was Title in WCW. Can you name those three men?

  1. franchisezaibatsu said: Big Show, Edge & Kurt Angle
  2. mazeyathekid said: Big show, John Cena and Chris Jericho, that’s my final answer.
  3. benoitvsguerrero said: Edge, Big Show, and Flair?
  4. thebasedgarrett said: big show, edge and flair?
  5. vikinglordlesnar said: Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Edge.
  6. hausofsus said: the big show is one of them.
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