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Anonymous said: I hated LayCool and their feud with Mickie James. Them making fun of her and calling her Piggie James rubbed me the wrong way.

Loved LayCool overall. Mickie feud was interesting.

Many times it came off like Vince/Creative getting to complain about Mickie’s weight on TV with plausible deniability that was their agenda since Mickie was being insulted by a heel duo in a storyline that received a good amount of TV time and ultimately led to Mickie winning a Championship. If there hadn’t been online reports saying WWE wasn’t happy with Mickie’s body, I wonder how many people would have thought it was more than a basic good vs. evil storyline (not saying anyone’s right or wrong, just an actual thing I’ve thought about)

'Certainly wouldn't hold any of that against Layla and Michelle McCool if that's what you were suggesting, which I don't think it was. Not like they went to Creative and said they wanted to be able to make fun of Mickie James. They just played the characters to the best of their ability and were effective, though obviously the tone of the angle turned quite a few people off.

  1. vikinglordlesnar said: Funny thing was, at that time, Mickie was completely out of shape. She was blowing up 2 minutes into Divas matches - back when it wasn’t 90 second affairs just to give girls time on the show.
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