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lalonestar replied to your post: I totally forgot the Divas championship and Women’s championship got unified.

i hated that they unified them. they should just keep one title on one show. makes it look like only one woman matters in wwe : /

At the time it made since with the divisions not being strong enough to support two, full-fledged Divas divisions, but if WWE decides to re-enforce the brand split, I could see the argument for there needing to be a Title for the Divas on both shows. I always thought it was stupid that SD didn’t have a Title for the Divas from 2003-2008. Made any Divas match that wasn’t happening because of a feud seem pointless.

  1. conradsommers said: ya i agree. i wish they would just keep one set of titles on either show. now they have both main titles on raw and only 1 on SD. wish they would go back to having brand ppv’s as well. makes it seem like only a select few of guys on tv all the time
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