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Why are there people who actually call themselves “a member of the WWE Universe”?

I’m not against marketing and branding, but I really dislike “WWE Universe”. Why can’t we just be WWE fans? Or Wrestling fans? Even “sports entertainment fans” would be better as long as it wasn’t said as often as “WWE Universe” is. It sounds so forced when people say it in promos. The only time I like it said is when someone like Big Johnny uses it and a face wrestler calls him out for using a corporate slogan. CM Punk did that and has refrained from using “WWE Universe” more than most, but even he uses it occasionally.

  1. my-terriblepersonality said: I generally view the wwe universe as the cunty “switch loyalty based on who’s heel” fans i often see dominating the arenas at events.
  2. residentgrandpa said: Don’t you mean WW Universe?
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