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This Day in WCW History: Steve McMichael gains revenge on former Four Horsemen member Jeff Jarrett, with Mongo’s wife in his corner, when Jarrett’s friend Eddie Guerrero accidentally nails him with his US Title, allowing Mongo to make the pin to earn his first US Heavyweight Championship at Clash of the Champions XXXV.
the big gold died once it became the smackdown title

I expected the first response to be about it being dead when Arquette became Champ.

I’ll compromise and say it died when the Brand Split did, as it became a better-booked version of the IC Title used in the RAW mid-card.

top-unda-dawg said: just wondering, did the wwe just stop using the big gold

That they did. It now rests in peace for the second time, or third if you count the period between Flair leaving the NWA with it and them crowning a new Champ 11 months later.