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On this day: Goldberg takes down members of Raven’s Flock one by one before audience members block Raven’s attempt to escape, setting up Goldberg to land the Spear and Jackhammer to win his first United States Heavyweight Championship. (4/20/98)

i prefer water, but i need the milk to wash away debra’s cookies

Hopefully nothing bad happens to them before you can take a bite….

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HOW DARE THEY water is great
Stone Cold is constantly deciding between water and milk.
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>Telling Stone Cold he’s not a beer drinker

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i’m pretty certain that is just water

A box…a fucking box.

One of four. One included a stolen, living pet, another had the threat of termination if you didn’t immediately take your clothes off and the other, an open contract which Velvet won and used on her bitter enemy Angelina Love for a non-Title match.

Other than, though, this show-closing segment was flawless.

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In 2010, the Knockouts Championship changed hands four consecutive times without the Champion being pinned or submitted. Angelina Love first won the Title in a Lockbox Challenge by opening a box containing the Championship, winning it from Tara whom regained possession of her pet tarantula. Madison Rayne won the Title later that month by pinning Tara in a tag team match for both the KO & KO Tag Team Titles. Love won it back months later after the referee ruled a member of The Beautiful People interfered on Madison’s behalf, giving Angelina the gold. Two weeks later, TNA found no evidence that the attacking wrestler was a member of Rayne’s group, forcing Angelina to surrender the Title back to Madison.